Online Access To Your Fund

Visit our client website to view fund balances, contributions, grant activity, and asset allocations; recommend grants; and download the forms you need to make contributions, recommend a reallocation of assets, change fund participants, or create a new succession plan.

Contribution Receipt

Upon accepting your contribution, JCF will send you a letter acknowledging your contribution. This letter serves as a receipt for tax purposes as required by the IRS. Please note that this letter does not supply a contribution value for non-cash contributions. Valuation of contributions and the appropriate level of deductibility of contributions are the responsibility of the contributor. Pursuant to federal tax regulations relating to certain non-cash contributions in excess of certain amounts, the contributor may be required to obtain and attach an appraisal to his or her tax return. You should consult your tax or legal advisor for more information.

Proceeds Notification

Each time you make a non-cash contribution to your fund (e.g., securities, bonds, mutual fund shares), you will be notified as to the net proceeds credited to your fund (i.e., sale proceeds less brokerage commissions). This amount does not represent the value of the charitable deduction to which you may be entitled.

Quarterly Statements

Each quarter JCF produces a complete report of all transactions in your fund. These statements are available on our private donor website.

Grant Statements

Grant history is accessible at all times on the private donor website.

Annual Report

The Jewish Communal Fund issues an Annual Report to Fundholders at the end of each fiscal year