As an independent donor advised fund, we don’t sell financial products or services. We can therefore provide our Fundholders with a robust investment platform featuring best-in-class investment choices from various firms.

At the Jewish Communal Fund, we are proud to work closely with financial advisors to help make their clients’ charitable giving simpler and more tax efficient.

Informed counsel around philanthropic giving will help deepen your advisor-client bond, leading to stronger multi-generational relationships. Advisors, in cooperation with JCF, can maximize clients’ tax savings and charitable impact. JCF provides advisors with resources to enhance their own knowledge on philanthropic giving, as well as improving their skills for counseling multi-generational families.

Why Partner with JCF?

We Are Advisor-Centric

Your clients can grant permission for you to assist them by receiving confidential information, suggesting and signing investment recommendations, and/or signing grant recommendations.

We are the Perfect Alternative to a Private Foundation

Manage your giving without the administrative expenses and burdens of a private foundation. A JCF fund also protects your confidentiality and affords you a degree of privacy not possible with private foundations. A DAF can also sit beside existing foundations for giving that may be off-mission or to involve the next generation.

We Are Flexible

Private Client donors with a minimum fund balance of $1 million may suggest investment managers not currently on JCF’s platform. In addition, JCF specializes in customizing philanthropic solutions to meet your clients’ needs.

We Are Multi-Generational

Four generations of stewarding relationships and facilitating philanthropy has given us unmatched experience in multi-generational philanthropy, and helping families of means transmit their values across generations. JCF offers programs and services to enable multi-generational giving, including NextGen Philanthropy, Legacy Planning and Endowed Funds, and Jewish Life Cycle Funds.

Today’s high net worth advisors need to assemble a highly experienced team to manage the complex needs of wealthy families. Leverage JCF’s deep relationships within the philanthropic community, the investment world, and the Jewish community.

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