In just minutes, you can establish a charitable fund that empowers your teen with first-hand experience in charitable giving and sets him or her on a life-long path of helping others. 

How It Works

Friends and family can make tax-deductible contributions to the fund at any time, and JCF tracks all gifts into the fund and even sends thank you notes on behalf of your child. Assets in the fund are invested and grow tax-free, generating more charitable dollars for distribution to the qualified charities of your child’s choice.  Your teen can then log online and recommend grants of $36 and above to charity.

To view sample language for invitations, click here.

Initial Contribution$1,800
Annual Fee$36
Minimum Grant Amount$36 (online)
Additional ContributionsAny Amount

3 Easy Steps to Start:

  1. Make an Initial Contribution.
  2. Choose an Investment Option.
  3. Support charities you care for with Grantmaking.