To Establish a New Fund or Contribute to an Existing Fund:

Jewish Communal Fund offers several ways to easily contribute to establish a new fund or replenish an existing fund by also taking full advantage of all tax benefits. Convenient options include mailing us a check, wiring cash, or transferring securities, mutual fund shares, or other assets. Call us if you need assistance with your contribution. Please see below for details on each method:

Mail a Check

Make your check payable to Jewish Communal Fund and write the fund name in the memo portion. Mail your check to:

Jewish Communal Fund
575 Madison Avenue, Suite 703
New York, NY 10022

If you are contributing to a Memorial, Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or group fund: Please be sure to write “In honor of” or “In memory of” in the memo portion of your check so that we can credit your gift to the correct fund.

Wire Cash

Please notify us if you intend to wire cash so that we may credit the gift to your fund and issue you a contribution receipt. The wiring instructions are as follows:

Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank
Account #: 134760786
ABA #: 021 000 021
Name: Jewish Communal Fund

International Wire

Please notify us if you intend to wire cash so that we may credit the gift to your fund and issue you a contribution receipt. The wiring instructions are as follows:

Wiring funds to the Jewish Communal Fund from a European bank can be done as follows:

Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank
Bank Address: 277 Park Avenue, NY, NY 10172
Account #: 134760786
ABA #: 021 000 021
Name: Jewish Communal Fund
Foreign Swift ID: CHASUS33

Please advise us as to the details of the wire so that it can be identified and accounted for accordingly – namely:

  1. Amount of wire
  2. Date of wire
  3. To which fund/account 
  4. The name and address of the donating party (so that an appropriate substantiation letter can be provided).

Other Assets

In the case of restricted, closely held or Rule 144 stock, real estate, art, or other unusual assets, the Jewish Communal Fund maintains a policy governing the terms and circumstances by which we will accept such gifts. Our policy is to review the proposed gift with our legal counsel and to ensure that the gift can be liquidated within an appropriate period of time. Acceptance of such gifts is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and may be subject to conditions and fees. Donors contributing non-marketable assets will be required to sign the terms of this agreement. Kindly call us to discuss your proposed contribution.

Contributing To A Memorial, Wedding, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fund

Jewish Communal Fund offers several ways to easily contribute in any amount to the lifecycle fund of a relative or friend. Remember to designate your donation for a specific fund so that we can credit your gift to the appropriate fund upon receipt. Call us if you need assistance with your donation. Each contribution made to the Jewish Communal Fund entitles the contributor to receive all the tax benefits allowed by law. Once the Jewish Communal Fund accepts a contribution, it is irrevocable.

Transfer Securities

To donate long-term appreciated securities (i.e., securities that you have owned for more than one year), please authorize your broker to transfer the shares to our account via DTC. You may use our Securities Transfer Instructions form, although some financial institutions may require that you use their own form. Please consult your financial institution for instructions. DTC instructions are as follows:

Jewish Communal Fund
Via DTC #0443 (Pershing LLC)
Account #T2Q 007366

The donor is not subject to a capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the contribution. A donor to a DAF may claim a fair market value deduction on the gift date. Generally speaking, the fair market value is determined by averaging the highest and lowest quoted selling prices on the date the gift is received. Gifts of appreciated securities may be deducted up to 30% of adjusted gross income in the tax year in which the contribution is made. Any excess among may be carried forward and deducted up to the 30% limit in the 5-year period after the year of the contribution.

Credit Card

Jewish Communal Fund accepts online donations from Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express cardholders. Please note that a fee of 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction will be deducted from all Discover, MasterCard and Visa transactions; AMEX charges a fee ranging from 2.18% to 2.56% plus an additional $0.10 per transaction. JCF will mail a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation. Donate Online.

Matching Gifts

Certain companies will match a contribution to a donor advised fund or a grant issued from the fund as part of their corporate matching gift program. Please check with your employer to determine if contributions to your donor advised fund or grants made from the fund qualify for a matching gift.

Mutual Fund Shares

If you wish to transfer mutual fund shares, please call us for instructions.

Processing Contributions

Processing times vary for different asset types. Generally speaking, the Jewish Communal Fund will liquidate contributions as quickly as possible after all the required paperwork has been received and processed. Contribution acknowledgements are usually sent within 3-5 business days after the contribution has been credited to your fund. During high volume periods, the processing time for contributions may be longer.

Third-party Contributions

Relatives, friends, and business associates may make contributions to your donor advised fund in any amount. The following rules apply:

  • Third-party contributors may make contributions to your fund and receive a letter of acknowledgement from the Jewish Communal Fund, but may not have any privileges with respect to the fund.
  • You may not guarantee that specific grant recommendations will be honored in exchange for contributions made by third parties to your fund.
  • Third-party contributors may not receive anything in exchange for or in consideration of their contribution under federal tax law and Jewish Communal Fund policies.

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