JCF’s Private Client Experience (for funds with balances over $1 million ) has offered Fundholders and their trusted advisors the ability to leverage the expertise and resources of one of the largest and most generous networks of Jewish funders in the country. Donor advised funds (DAFs) have become the preferred vehicle for high net worth families to facilitate their charitable giving due to their maximum tax advantages and flexible timetable for charitable disbursements. Advisors, in cooperation with JCF, can maximize clients’ tax savings and charitable impact. JCF provides advisors with resources to enhance their own knowledge on philanthropic giving, as well as improving their skills for counseling multi-generational families.

Highlights of our offerings:

  • Personal Relationship Contact at JCF’s Private Client Group
  • Private advisory sessions with top-tier philanthropic, legal and investment experts
  • Facilitation of international grant-making, including to Israel
  • Guidance and tools to help you with legacy and succession planning
  • Special expertise in mission-related investment options
  • Educational Opportunities and a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve greater impact through your philanthropic giving

Superior Investment Offerings

JCF offers a robust platform of highly rated investment options vetted by our independent investment advisor. Our pre-approved additional investment options include fixed income, global equity, long/short equity hedge funds, fund of funds and private equity managers. The assets in a JCF fund earn tax-free income that is rebalanced into your charitable portfolio.

Enhanced Investment Opportunities for Private Clients

Private Client Donors (minimum fund balance of $1 million) may suggest investment managers not currently on JCF’s platform. Strict due diligence is conducted by JCF’s outside independent investment consultant and is subject to approval by the JCF Investment Committee.

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