Women, Millennials Drive Social Impact Investing Trend

Randy Kaufman is a Senior Vice President at EMM, a multi-family office and wealth management firm. She has years of experience in tax planning, multi-generational issues and philanthropy. In this article,Randy shares her research and insights on how women and millennials are the driving force behind the increase in social impact investing. As women continue…


JCF Charity Champion: Daniel Blaser, SVP at Extell Development Company

Daniel Blaser is a JCF Fundholder,trustee, and real estate professional. He works as Senior Vice President at Extell Development Company, a nationally acclaimed developer of residential,office, retail and hospitality properties including Central Park Tower, soon to be the tallest residential building in the world. Prior to joining Extell in 2015, he worked at Paul Hastings LLP as a real estate attorney for nearly a decade. In July, Dan completed his participation in the New York cohort of the Wexner Heritage Program, a two-year Jewish study experience with a focus on leadership. We spoke with him recently about the charitable causes that are important to him, his engagement with Jewish communal organizations, and why using JCF has helped him give smarter.

Highlights on the Impact of the Proposed Tax Reform Plan on Philanthropy

By Ellen Israelson, VP of Philanthropic Service, JCF In its present form, the proposed changes in the tax code are a mixed bag for the not-for-profit sector. First, the potentially good news for philanthropy is that both bills maintain the charitable deduction. In fact if passed, it will increase the limit on the charitable deduction…


CLAT Version 2.0 –Using Life Insurance to Make a Good Thing Even Better

by Ken Hoffman A new twist on a popular planning tool that can increase your value to clients by impacting their own bottom line while maximizing their philanthropy. The Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT) is a trust that promotes legacy planning for both philanthropic interests as well as family, passing assets to the next generation…