Before you complete the application, please review the definitions of various participants on a JCF donor advised fund.

I. Primary Participants


Fundholders are individuals ages 18 and older who act as heads of the fund and have all of the following privileges (whether they are contributors to the fund or not):

  • Naming the fund
  • Recommending grants to IRS-qualified charities
  • Recommending an asset allocation from JCF’s menu of investment options
  • Appointing (or removing) people to participate on the fund as Fundholders or Authorized Parties*
  • Naming Successors to assume the privileges as Fundholders on the fund

*Any changes to the participants on the fund must be approved by all Fundholders.

Fundholders act independently. To request an alternate structure for your fund, please contact us.

II. Additional Participants In Your Lifetime

Authorized Parties1

Fundholders may authorize relatives, employees or professional advisors as Authorized Parties who may obtain confidential information about the fund including fund balance, investment allocation, and grant history via online access or over the phone. To add an Authorized Party to a fund, Fundholders must complete and sign the Authorized Party Form and mail, fax or email it to JCF.

Fundholders may grant Authorized Parties the following additional privileges:

  • Sign investment recommendations on the Fundholder’s behalf
  • Sign grant recommendations on the Fundholder’s behalf 
  • Recommend grants in their own name

III. Succession


Successors are individuals named by the Fundholders to succeed them on their fund. After the death of all Fundholders, Successors assume all privileges held by the Fundholders including making grant and investment recommendations, and naming their own Successors. A Successor does not have to be of majority age (18) when appointed; a temporary “successor” may be named to act until the primary successor is of majority age.


Successor charities are charities that receive grants from residual assets after the death of the last Fundholder on an account.

Unanswered Questions?

1 We no longer use the terms “Interested Parties” or “Recommenders.” Interested Parties are now known as Authorized Parties. Recommenders are equivalent to Authorized Parties who can recommend grants in their own name. Individuals previously designated as Recommenders will only succeed you on your fund if they are listed as Successors.