The IRS rules that govern the deductibility for gifts to charitable vehicles like donor advised funds reduce the value of a deduction by any return benefits. Therefore, funds may not engage in any fundraising activity where there is an exchange of goods or services for a contribution. This includes but is not limited to concerts, dinners, raffles, and auctions. You may not promote any Fund as a separate charitable entity from JCF. In addition, no expenses related to any fundraising activity may be paid from the donor advised fund. Fundholders may not represent to contributors that the fund is established to support specific charities unless the Fund is created as a designated fund and the Fundholders relinquish the privilege of choosing additional charities to support. If these guidelines are not followed, JCF reserves the right to suspend fund activity or to close a fund.

Funds may not engage in fundraising, whether online or through another public medium without the prior approval of JCF. Please be advised that when using a donor advised fund, many forms of fundraising are prohibited or restricted by law. You must contact JCF to inquire about the availability of an online fundraising option that is approved by JCF. If there is an approved online fundraising site for your fund, JCF must have access to it as an administrator. JCF reserves the right to review and edit all content (online or hard-copy) that pertains to funds managed by JCF. If you anticipate a need to fundraise, please call JCF to discuss prior to sending in an application form.

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