“My son Milo was diagnosed as twice exceptional, a child with learning needs in some areas and extreme gifts in others. By the time he was in fourth grade he was ready to give up, as his public school could not effectively address his talents and needs as an autistic child with ADHD. We heard about Quad Prep, a highly regarded school for twice-exceptional children. We knew it was our only hope, but the cost of tuition was out of our league. That is when we learned about the Hebrew Free Loan Society and their Special Education Bridge Loan Program. We applied for and received an interest-free bridge loan that fronted the cost of tuition, more than $25,000, while we awaited reimbursement from the Department of Education. Now my son is not just a kid with special needs, but one with strengths and skills. Milo has gone from quitting his music lessons at his former public school to performing piano solos in concert and excelling at school. HFLS gave Milo a chance, and helped him receive the education he needs to feel like a real kid, have friends, and make plans to eventually attend college.”  — Special Education Borrower, Nora

“For the first time in my life, I recently found myself unemployed. I was not able to pay my rent, bills, food, let alone other daily needs. After years of having a stable job, I never thought this would happen to me. I debated asking friends and family to help, or possibly moving to help cut my costs. That is when I heard about the Hebrew Free Loan Society’s General Needs loan program. I applied for an interest-free loan to help get me through this difficult period, and my application was approved. I have been grateful beyond belief to get this help until I find some work. I think HFLS is a magical gift that people only dream about. I am so thankful they were there for me and my son.” — General Needs Borrower, Anonymous

“My wife and I were attempting to have a baby and did 3 or 4 rounds of IUD, we burned through most of our savings, and got to the point where IVF was the last remaining option. Our pregnancy story was complicated with several additional health concerns looming, the costs were adding up. We didn’t have friends or family available to ask for financial help, but we were determined to start a family. When we found out about the Hebrew Free Loan Society we applied for a loan, and received it. With the new funds, my wife and I were able to go through extensive rounds of embryo testing and began IVF. We are proud to say, that after going through this difficult process, we now have an 8-month old baby girl, and we will never forget the feeling of HFLS helping us.” — Fertility Borrower, Anonymous