Jewish Communal Fund offers you the opportunity to invest your charitable assets, potentially earning tax-free growth that translates into additional funds for charitable purposes. You may choose from JCF’s Pre-Set Portfolios and/or customize your own asset allocation.

Donors with fund balances over $500,000 may choose from a selection of approved additional investment options. Donors with fund balances over $1 million may also recommend that the assets be invested with, or managed by, managers that currently are not part of the JCF’s investment program.

See below for more information on JCF’s investment program.

Pre-Set Investment Portfolios

  • Conservative Portfolio
  • Moderate Portfolio
  • Aggressive Portfolio
  • ESG Portfolio

Read more about pre-set portfolio investments here, or view the Performance Comparison of the underlying investments within each of the Pre-Set Portfolios.

Customized Investment Allocation Options

JCF Investment Program Policies

  • At least $5,000 of any donor-advised fund must be invested in the BlackRock Treasury Trust Fund and/or BlackRock JCF Short Duration Bond Fund. Donors should indicate their preferred default investment on the Fund Investment Recommendation Form.
  • Proceeds in excess of $5,000 may be invested in any of the JCF investment options with a minimum of $2,500 per investment option.
  • When additional contributions are made to a fund, a donor may recommend how the proceeds are invested, provided that at least $5,000 of the fund assets is in the BlackRock Treasury Trust Fund and/or the BlackRock JCF Short Duration Bond Fund. If a written investment allocation is not received within 10 days of the date of gift, or an asset allocation is not on file, the contribution will automatically be invested in the default investment.
  • Donors may recommend an asset allocation for their fund, and JCF will automatically rebalance the fund on a monthly basis to maintain that allocation unless a donor chooses not to have the fund rebalanced.
  • A donor may recommend the reallocation of the fund balance four times per calendar year
  • JCF offers donors the opportunity to invest in one or more pre-set portfolios with a minimum of $10,000 each. JCF’s independent investment consultants, Pavilion Advisory Group, in conjunction with JCF’s Investment Committee monitor these portfolios on a quarterly basis. JCF also offers donors the opportunity to invest in one or more privately managed accounts with a minimum of $50,000 per manager.
  • Donors with fund balances of over $1,000,000 may recommend a manager to JCF. The JCF Investment Committee together with an independent Investment Advisor will review the manager’s material and determine whether or not to accept the manager as part of the JCF program. Once an alternative investment is available, donors with balances of at least $500,000 may recommend an investment.* If an alternative investment is subject to a lock-up period of a year or more, the donor must maintain at least 5% of the total donor-advised fund balance in liquid investments. Donors who elect to invest in an alternative investment must sign an acknowledgement letter. (Please contact Igor Musayev at 646-843-6889 or email [email protected] to request a list of the available managers and request a copy of the acknowledgment letter.)
  • Minimum investment requirements are set by each manager and may exceed $500,000.

Updated November 2018

Year-to-date Returns

Click here for the year-to-date investment returns.

Privately Managed Investment Program

Donors with a fund balance of over $500,000 may choose from a selection of approved additional investments. Donors with fund balances over $1 million may also recommend that the assets be invested with, or managed by, managers that currently are not part of the Jewish Communal Fund’s investment program, or may request to manage the assets in their own donor advised fund.*

These recommendations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to particular criteria that include, but are not limited to, the type of investment program and strategy, stability of management, long-term performance, volatility of results, regulatory compliance, reputation, liquidity, fees and expenses, and transparency of transactions. JCF will refer the request to our investment consultants for their review. They, in turn, will report their findings to the JCF Investment Committee. The decision as to whether to approve a particular investment manager is within the sole and absolute discretion of the Investment Committee. Click here for the list of full requirements.

*The Investment Committee has approved several bond managers, stock managers, hedge fund managers, and fund of funds managers. For additional information, please call or email Igor Musayev.

Choosing an Asset Allocation

JCF offers a wide range of carefully selected, best-in-class investment options. Fund holders have the flexibility of recommending investment allocations up to four times annually.

Fund holders who maintain minimum balances of $1 million may choose from a selection of alternative investments or request a private fund manager.

A Fund Investment Recommendation form must be submitted to request an asset allocation for your fund. You may request a reallocation up to four times per calendar year. If your recommendation is accepted, the Jewish Communal Fund will implement such change as soon as practicable after receipt of your form.

When you complete the form, you should indicate whether you wish all future contributions to be invested in accordance with a fixed asset allocation (and rebalanced monthly) or whether you would like to submit an investment recommendation for each contribution that you make to your fund. If you do not request an allocation for your contribution, and have not elected monthly rebalancing, your contribution will be invested in the primary investment on record.

Fund Investment Recommendation

Acknowledgement for Privately Managed Accounts

Fees on Investments

The management fee associated with each investment option varies.  Please refer to the Annual Expense Ratio column of our investment performance chart (updated monthly) for the fee associated with each investment option.  (Performance figures are net of asset management fees.)

There are no transaction costs charged to your fund when assets are liquidated or reallocated.