Jewish Communal Fund offers a wide range of investment opportunities for your charitable assets, with potential to grow your funds–and your impact–tax-free. Fundholders can choose from one of JCF’s Pre-Set Portfolios and/or customize their own asset allocations.

Fundholders may update their investment allocations up to four times per year using the Fund Investment Recommendation form.

At least $5,000 must be invested in one of two default investments: the BlackRock Treasury Trust Fund and/or BlackRock JCF Short Duration Bond Fund.

Choosing an Asset Allocation

Jewish Communal Fund’s robust investment platform enables you to choose from the convenience of a Pre-Set Investment Portfolio or customizing your own asset allocation.

Pre-Set Investment Portfolios

As a service to our fundholders, JCF provides a suite of pre-set investment portfolios, designed to match a range of giving and impact strategies:

  • Conservative
  • Moderate 
  • Aggressive
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Customized Investment Allocations

Interested fundholders may also customize how funds are allocated, with a diverse set of funds and options including:

  • Primary Investment, Pooled
  • Pooled Stock Funds
  • Non-Pooled Bonds
  • Pooled Real Asset Fund
  • Pooled ETF
  • Privately Managed Investment Accounts

Additional Investments

Those with fund balances over $500,000 may choose from a selection of approved additional investment options. Fundholders with fund balances over $1 million may also recommend that the assets be invested with, or managed by, managers that currently are not part of the JCF’s investment program. Please contact Igor at 212-752-8277 or [email protected] for more information.

Fees on Investments

The management fee associated with each investment option varies.  Please refer to the Annual Expense Ratio column of our investment performance chart (updated monthly) for the fee associated with each investment option.  (Performance figures are net of asset management fees.)

There are no transaction costs charged to your fund when assets are liquidated or reallocated.