JCF’s mission is to improve grantmaking by advancing the knowledge, skills, and streamlined practices to our clients. While donor advised funds can be used to support a wide range of charitable purposes, there are certain guidelines and limits set forth by the IRS that we must follow. Below are the steps we take to ensure your investment efforts are focused on your charities.

Support Your Charities Easily

1. Recommend a Grant: You may recommend grants by sending us a signed Grant Recommendation Form.

2. Grant Review: Each organization recommended is reviewed by our staff to verify its tax-exempt status and official mailing address. This process typically takes 1–4 days, although during high volume periods processing may take slightly longer.

3. Grant Letters and Checks: You may indicate in your grant recommendation the person(s) whom the organization may thank for recommending the grant. If you wish the organization to acknowledge a third party, this information will be included in the letter to the organization. The letter will be attached to the check and will display the JCF logo and the name of your fund, unless you request anonymity.