The JCF Charitable Fund is our flagship donor advised fund, which allows you to simplify your charitable giving and maximize your tax savings. Once we accept your irrevocable contribution, we will send you a letter of acknowledgment for your tax records.  Publicly traded securities are promptly sold and the proceeds (less brokerage fees) are credited to your fund.

Within 4 business days, you will receive a welcome kit with the information you need to begin using your fund. The kit contains your personal log-in information, educational material, and JCF staff contact information.

Initial Contribution$5,000
Minimum Grant Amount$100 ($36 online*)

*$36 grants may be recommended online to charities already in our database that do not require additional research.

3 Easy Steps to Start:

  1. Make an Initial Contribution.
  2. Choose an Investment Option.
  3. Support charities you care for with Grantmaking.