Jewish Communal Fund allows groups to establish donor advised funds for various purposes. We have established charitable funds for synagogues, country clubs, and a Holocaust-survivor group, among others. These funds provide a way for donors to demonstrate their caring and generosity as a community.

Among the most inspirational funds at the Jewish Communal Fund is one established by the Fraternal Order of Bendin-Sosnowicer Sick and Benevolent Society (FOBS), one of the last remaining “Landsmanshaftn” in New York City. Started originally in 1928 by immigrants from the towns of Bendin and Sosnowiec, Poland, currently all of the FOBS members are Holocaust survivors, their children and grandchildren.

This vibrant Society is dedicated to the cause of Remembrance and Tikkun Olam and uses the Jewish Communal Fund to manage its members’ charitable contributions for worthy organizations. The Jewish Communal Fund is honored to facilitate the philanthropy of these and other groups of donors.

Corporate Funds may be established with gifts totaling at least $10,000. Businesses may wish to create a donor advised fund to make corporate giving simple and efficient. In order to establish a corporate donor advised fund, the corporation must provide a resolution signed by the officers of the corporation naming the individuals who will serve as recommenders on the fund. Any requests to add or remove recommenders on the fund must be submitted by corporate resolution. If at any time there is no living recommender, or the corporation no longer exists, all income and principal remaining in the fund will be transferred to the JCF Special Gifts Fund (an endowment that provides funding for select projects in the Jewish community). Distributions from the JCF Special Gifts Fund are made at the discretion of JCF’s Board of Trustees.

Initial Contribution$5,000
Minimum Grant Amount$100 ($36 online*)
Additional ContributionsAny Amount

*$36 grants may be recommended online to charities already in our database that do not require additional research.

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